Lenze, one of the driving forces in providing the latest drive and automation technology, recently celebrated the company’s 70th anniversary.

Since its creation in 1947, the company has seen many changes. From post WW2 mechanical drive technology and frequency inverter drives in the ‘90’s, to today’s networking, automation and Industry 4.0, the company has specialised in using the latest technology to bring efficiency and reliability to its global customer base.

To celebrate its journey in style, Lenze organised a special anniversary event at the company’s HQ in Groß Berkel, Germany. Alongside a factory tour and range of business talks from international consumers and other speakers, CEO’s and CTO’s learned about the latest in market place and solution innovations. As well as discussing current industry trends, the event also saw the discussion of the future and the part Lenze will play as the world of drives and automation continues to expand.

Over the past 70 years, Lenze has supported OEMs and end-users with expertise, an integrated product range and strong service. This approach has proved highly successful and today the company’s product range, services and expertise contribute to machines around the world that are easier to use, lower cost, run faster, and with greater flexibility.

Lenze’s managing director, Stewart Hylden, commented: “We have come a long way in the past 70 years. Lenze now employs 3,300 people worldwide and has a depth of drive and automation expertise that means that many European production lines now operate with our drives, thanks to their high performance and reliability. We are standing on the edge of a whole new era of industrial revolution with Industry 4.0 and are looking forward to what the next 70 years will bring in terms of automation and drives innovation.

Established 48 years ago in Bedford, Lenze Ltd now has 50 employees and achieves sales of about £20M in power transmission equipment from the Lenze factories and other quality suppliers. Services to UK customers include application engineering, software writing, training, commissioning and service.

You can watch a video about what Lenze has achieved over the last 70 years and what the company has in store for the future here.