Automation specialist, Lenze, had the opportunity to demonstrate its latest Industry 4.0/smart factory technology to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo at Hannover Messe.

The focus of attention was Lenze’s new Easy Machine 4.0. This automation solution incorporates Lenze FAST self-optimising application software, enabling an 80% reduction in the time taken for machine automation and programming of motion functions, as well as continual self-optimisation during operation for maximum efficiency. Merkel and Szydlo also saw the Internet of Things capabilities of the Easy Machine 4.0 for maintenance and software updates, saving Lenze customers up to 80% on their warranty costs.

In addition, Lenze’s Chief Executive Officer, Christian Wendler, spoke to Merkel and Szydlo of the important role people in industrial production and the employees of Lenze have in setting Industry 4.0 in motion.