More power on the shaft: Lenze geared motors now deliver up to 20000Nm.

Lenze has substantially increased its g500 gearbox range with totally new cast iron models which achieve torques up to 20000Nm. The new helical and bevel gearboxes are compact, highly efficient with alternative mounting options. Compared to the previous range of gearboxes, torque capacity has been doubled opening up new application opportunities.

Three different types of gearbox offer both in-line and right-angle output. The g500-B is a two and three stage bevel design with 12 sizes in a range from 10 to 20000Nm. Finely stepped ratios up to i=360 allow the output speed to be closely matched to requirements. The in-line helical g500-H achieves torques up to 14000Nm. The slimline g500-S shaft-mounted helical gearboxes extend to 19000Nm and have finely stepped ratios to i=500.

Lenze has extended concepts of efficiency achieved in the existing smaller g500 gearboxes to the new cast iron models. With efficiency greater than 94%, losses are lower resulting in motors that don’t have to deliver as much energy as before. Less heat is generated in the gears leading to longer service life.

Energy efficiency extends to the motor options. IE3 motors are available for either fixed speed or variable speed, inverter operation making the entire geared motor a highly efficient working unit. These standard IEC framed motors are matched to the g500 gearboxes up to 55kW. At the lower end of the power range Lenze Smart Motors and Motec terminal box inverters bring variable speed control into the motor.