LOMA’s bulk product detection solution provides reassurance for food manufacturers

Jul 15, 2020 | Food & Beverage, Machine Vision & Systems

As the UK food industry collectively adapts to new working policies and procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Check & Detect’ specialists, LOMA SYSTEMS®, has been busy providing technical support to manufacturers and supplying innovative, best-in-class inspection solutions to minimise the threat of product contamination and interruptions to production processes. 


One such solution is LOMA’s X5 Bulk Flow X-ray system, which is perfect for the inspection of a wide range of free flowing and loose products including cereals, grains and most other loose products. For food factories, it is often popular to inspect bulk or loose products early on in the production stages, as due to their nature they might be susceptible to contamination before the product arrives in the factory. This method typically inspects food in bulk format prior to being packaged for distribution or before it is added to other ingredients further down the production line.


By inspecting bulk products ahead of production (e.g. upstream), the removal of metal or other contaminants can also protect other expensive processing equipment including mixers and slicers. Early on, a contaminant entering the production will be in its largest form making it easier to detect before potentially fragmenting into small parts. Also finding contaminants in advance, reduces the need to discard product that has been through expensive processes, helping to minimize cost.


The X5 Bulk Flow includes all of the standard features from LOMA’s X5 range, but has its own upgrades from the previous-generation model including; a quick release belt for easy cleaning, removable reject station, and a 15” touchscreen – all in a small compact footprint designed to maximise the space within the production environment. The system, which is available with multiple reject options including carriage retract and multi-flap, is capable of offering excellent detection of a wide range of contaminants including all metals, bone, glass, stone and dense plastics.


The free-flowing food X-ray inspection system is designed with the operational environment and hygiene in mind, including an IP66 ingress rating.


To find out more about LOMA’s X5 Bulk Flow X-ray system visit: https://www.loma.com/en/products/x-ray-inspection/x5-bulkflow