How to manage employees with mental or ill-health conditions is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace as companies strive to maintain the balance of increasing productivity and maintain the wellbeing of their employees.

To help employers manage mental and physical health conditions, along with wellbeing programmes, Make UK, The Manufacturers’ Organisation has launched a new seminar series for companies. The series follows on from the recent Mental Health Awareness Week with the issue now one of the biggest challenges facing HR Professionals.

The series will draw on Make UK’s legal, HR and occupational health expertise and will provide clear, practical guidance on actively managing employee ill health in the modern workplace.

In addition, the guidance will also take a practical approach to wellbeing strategies, stripping away the “fluff” and focussing on substance. By applying a targeted and common sense strategy, Make UK will explain how companies can improve employee wellbeing; increase productivity and drive down sickness absence.

·       Through case studies, you will learn how to take the lead when an employee presents with a tricky health or absence issue.  We will provide you with straightforward, easy to implement strategies to help you actively manage employee ill health issues in your workplace, keeping control of the process. 

The seminar takes into account your legal obligations, the needs of your business and the sensitivities involved in managing employee health issues. At the same time, we will show you how your absence management procedures can be balanced, without being compromised, by a sensible, needs-based employee wellbeing programme.

The seminar is aimed at HR Professionals, senior line managers and others with responsibility for managing those with ill health conditions and wellbeing programmes and will cover the following:

·       How to proactively manage sickness absence

·       How to deal with disability and make adjustments in the workplace

·       Handling mental health and stress related problems

·       Updating and monitoring policies and procedures for physical and mental ill health

·       How to adopt a wellbeing strategy with a return for employers and employees

The seminars will be held at ten locations across the UK in June and July. For further details visit