Making machine vision easier

Jan 5, 2012 | Machine Vision & Systems, News

Using machine vision sensors for purposes of industrial automation is much like making a movie – complete with lights, camera and action. To achieve outstanding production values, satisfy the audience, or customer, and stay within budget, the right vision sensor with an exceptional eye for detail is necessary. That’s where the new iVu Plus TG and iVu Plus BCR (Bar Code Reader) from Banner Engineering enter the scene

Despite the technology behind Banner’s new vision sensors becoming ever more complex in order to deliver robust functionality and flexibility, the iVu Plus family remains easy to use with its touch-screen, menu-driven tools in nine languages and on the spot help screens.

Dynamic new features, including Ethernet connectivity, multiple inspection storage, and a new Sort algorithm make the Plus models an optimal solution for environments requiring connectivity, rapid product changeover, or sorting capabilities. All this without the need of a PC for configuration.

“We received great feedback from the original iVu because it was really the first sensor of its kind. By combining touch-screen technology with vision technology, we essentially fused consumer technology with industrial technology to create a high performance, intuitive vision sensor”, said Dean Tyo, Chief Engineer for Vision, Measurement, and Instrumentation. “We’ve continued to innovate our product line, and the enhancements now offered by the new iVu Plus versions are in direct response to the needs and desires of our customers.”

The iVu Plus TG has four algorithm types:

• Area, which ensures that some feature, or features, are present on a part.

• Blemish, which finds flaws on a part, such as scratches on a disc.

• Match, which verifies that a pattern, shape or part in any orientation matches a reference pattern.

• Sort, the newest sensor type, which recognises and sorts different patterns such as nuts, bolts, and washers. The sort function lets users train the sensor to distinguish between as many as 10 patterns.

Combined with Ethernet connectivity, the new iVu Plus TG vision sensor enables the quick introduction of new patterns and rapid product changeover.

Meanwhile, the iVu Plus BCR reads and optionally validates data within DataMatrix and most of the commonly used linear barcodes. Supported by Ethernet connectivity, the iVu Plus BCR sensor also has the ability to remotely update the data used for validation from anywhere on the Ethernet network.

Product features

Each model is housed in an IEC IP67 rated sensor housing, making them rugged and versatile. The camera acquires up to 100 frames per second, and the integrated ring lights are available in red, green, blue, white, and infrared. A USB 2.0 connection facilitates saving and loading configuration data, and with the free-to-download emulator, users can perform offline editing, thus potentially increasing productivity and reducing costs.