With its new sensor, Keyence is claiming to make vision sensors accessible to everyone. Said to be affordable, quick to start-up and easy to use, this new solution is highly reliable and covers 80 per cent of vision systems requirements, making it a beneficial alternative to one or more sensors when detection needs to follow a moving target.

The IV Series stands out as the easiest-to-start vision sensor on the market. The set-up is done via a four step graphic interface procedure. Typically, it takes less than a minute. Exposure time and illumination are adjusted automatically (IBA feature – Intelligent Brightness Adjust). Focusing, with the automatic focus mechanism, can now be done automatically. It is done by a unique automatic focus motor developed exclusively for the IV Series.

In addition, the IV Series is said to be the first vision sensor in its price range to offer colour detection and an autofocus function at the same time. It offers a flexible solution allowing many different applications: part or label presence/absence, detection of part orientation, misalignment, cable recognition according to their colour, proper assembly. Therefore one IV sensor is able to perform multiple detections on a single target. The technology of shape recognition makes it possible to perform reliable detections on moving targets. The main applications for this sensor are packaging, metal working, automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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