Mueller Electric was established in the United States in 1908 by Ralph S. Mueller, an American electrical engineer who founded the company and who subsequently invented the crocodile clip. The company quickly grew as the need for crocodile clips became apparent and could be used for a multitude of purposes. Originally created to establish electrical connection, crocodile clips are also utilised to test electrical current, create circuits, bind two parts together or hold items in place. (You will all have used crocodile clips at one point or another, perhaps without even realising it. If you’ve ever had to put jumper cables on your car or have worn a bib at the dentist’s office, crocodile clips were involved).

Today with a Head Office and manufacturing facility in Akron, Ohio, in the United States the company supplies products to countries all over the World and operates in Europe through a regional Sales Office, Warehouse, and Distribution Centre in Nottingham.

As the inventor of the Crocodile Clip the company is responsible for creating and developing some of the most recognisable metal clips and clamps in use today, including charging clips for automotive battery cables and grounding cables for fluid storage as well as electrostatic paint lines. Clips are used in a wide range of test and measurement applications, and today Mueller offers the World’s largest range of crocodile clips for industrial applications, serving a variety of industries including: transportation, oil and gas, aviation, automotive, medical, industrial automation, military and construction.

During World War II, Mueller Electric produced 41 million clips which were used by all branches of the military for a wide variety of applications. Every US battleship had a large supply of Mueller clips for electrical repairs, but these clips weren’t just used for repair purposes. In the US Navy, every single life jacket (all 1.2 million of them) was equipped with a flashlight held high on the shoulder by a Mueller Electric clip to alert rescuers in case of emergency.

Through the years the Mueller Electric range has expanded, and the company is now also a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connectors, wire and cable, cable lugs, test leads, patch cords, temporary protective grounding and cable assemblies for factory automation. The company has also developed to be a leading manufacturer of bespoke products including a wide variety of custom cable assemblies.

The Mueller Electric range of products is available from leading distributors all around the World.

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Mueller Electric

  • Over a century of quality, reliability and innovation

  • The inventor of the crocodile clip, with patents dating back over 100 years

  • The widest range of crocodile clips in the World, from miniature insulated clips to the heavy duty ‘Big Brute’

  • Capability to supply Globally

  • Rapid delivery from extensive European stocks

  • Engineering support capability to develop bespoke solutions

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