Interroll has signed a supplier agreement with USA-based NPI (National Presort L.P.) to deliver six cross-belt sorters and related conveyor technology over the period from 2015 to 2017 for the benefit of Brazil Post. This is the largest order intake for sorters that Interroll realised so far in its history.

In post & logistics business, Brazil Post is one of the leading postal services providers in South America. It is mainly growing in the business-to-consumer e-commerce market, which is estimated to total $23bn and to grow by 22% in Brazil this year. To manage the ever increasing parcel volume and the resulting complexity in the logistics workflow, Brazil Post awarded NPI the prime contractor in a $54.5m contract to expand its sorting capacities in five of its facilities – Jaguaré, Cajamar (two units), Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte and Benfica.

NPI, based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA, has been at the forefront of the postal sorting industry since 1978 and as system integrator has more than 1,000 units installed worldwide. Under Interroll’s agreement with NPI, the first sorter is due to be delivered to Brazil Post in fall 2015, and the last one in 2017.

Due to the size of the order, the planning and engineering of the sorters will be carried out by the Interroll’s global Center of Excellence (CoE) for Subsystems in Sinsheim, Germany, together with the Regional Center of Excellence in Atlanta, USA. Within the Interroll Group both are, together with the Regional Center of Excellence in Suzhou, China, responsible for all technical concerns ranging from development and application engineering to production and support for local Interroll companies. The CoEs for Subsystems have a long-standing high reputation in the market for their extensive experience in the conveyor and sorter technology and are highly appreciated contracting partners with system integrators and OEMs.

Stephen Cwiak, head of subsystems Americas at Interroll, comments the agreement: “We are very pleased about this large order. Our global references, our long-standing records of achievement and our capacities were main reasons for NPI to place the order with us.”

Interroll has successfully developed long-term partnerships with leading postal operators such as Canada Post, Swiss Post, USPS and China Post. In Suzhou, PR of China, the Group is about to complete an additional three cross-belt sorters for China Post, a repeat customer for several years now. The technical planning is done by the Regional Center of Excellence in Suzhou.

Interroll will assemble the Brazil Post sorters ordered in its regional Center of Excellence in Atlanta, USA, which was officially opened in March 2014. With e-commerce comprising courier, express and parcel services, Interroll operates in one of several distinct growth markets for conveyers and sorters. Tim McGill, president Interroll Americas, pointed out: “In the first half year of 2014, Interroll Group grew net sales by 27.6% in the Americas. In Brazil, we expect to see our business continue to develop positively.”