Murrelektronik enters the world of vision systems - Automation

Murrelektronik enters the world of vision systems

Nov 17, 2021 | Machine Vision, Machine Vision & Systems

Murrelektronik expands its decentralized automation technology to provide new “Plug and Play” solutions for industrial image processing.

Murrelektronik now offers decentralized installation solutions specifically for industrial image processing. Offering machine and system builders a “plug and play” solution for connecting power supplies and enabling signal/data management for the smart networking of cameras in industrial production processes or logistics. The new solution for industrial image processing includes switches, distributors and feeders that can be mounted on the machine, as well as the corresponding high-performance cable and connector technology. These components minimize installation effort and maximize performance for both new and existing machines and systems.

“Plug and Play” for vision systems

Efficient power supply and reliable data communication are the pillars of a functioning installation concept. The goal is to combine a machine or plant’s devices into a system efficiently and economically. Murrelektronik’s modular vision installation solutions allow you to integrate a decentralized installation concept into existing system architectures as well as new machines and systems.

These components include the Xelity Hybrid Switch (which has connections for up to four cameras, handles smooth and error-free data communication), the Master Breakout Box (a power and signal distributor) and the Injection Box (a voltage and signal feeder). Each is designed to be mounted directly in the machine environment near the respective vision system.

Carl Tyler from Murrelektronik UK explains, “Our decentralized installation concept has the unbeatable advantage that we save our customers the time-consuming and expensive control cabinet installation.  Switch cabinets are not required as everything is IP67 and designed to be mounted in the field. Another advantage, with Murrelektronik’s modular plug & play solutions is that vision systems can not only be put into operation quickly and flexibly, but they also facilitate and accelerate further diagnostics during operation – significantly reducing system and machine downtime. Our solution works with all the major camera manufacturers”

Intelligence where it is needed

“With our vision installation solutions, we focus on the processes that take place between the camera and the system controller.” Where industrial image processing was not possible in existing systems due to overcrowded control cabinets, Murrelektronik’s vision installation solutions provide a remedy with shorter cables and less cable clutter. Thanks to a data transmission rate of 1 gigabit/second (Gbit/s) via X-coded cables, high-resolution image processing is possible for many industrial applications. Network communication takes place at up to 2.5 Gbit/s.

“The data processing takes place at the machine. We bring the intelligence to where it is needed. With Murrelektronik’s vision installation solutions, our customers can trim their production processes to greater efficiency and higher throughput. As a result, they increase quality and avoid costly rework and also reduce the footprint of the machine with smaller or in some cases no cabinets.”

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