New generation of industrial image processing

Jan 5, 2012 | Machine Vision & Systems, News

Parameters such as camera resolution, processor power and detection algorithms have been substantially improved in the new VISOR vision platform. Possible applications suited to the Visor have been expanded by advanced LED illumination and new lens specifications allowing greater distances and depths of focus. The proven, user-friendly SensoPart software also facilitates the new application areas.

The object detection and code reading sensors of the V10 series are available as the first of the VISOR family, with more to follow for bespoke markets such as the solar industry.

VISOR OBJECT Sensor detects the right part in the wrong place – and vice-versa.

Objects with complex shapes and details sometimes turn up in unexpected positions – some other conventional vision sensors can be out of their depth with such detection tasks. Not so with the VISOR OBJECT sensor from SensoPart: always keeping track of everything, instantaneously detecting faulty parts, and parts in the wrong position, angular orientation or sequence or a combination of all of these. With its high processor power, expanded field-of-view (wide VGA) and integrated ultra bright LED illumination, it masters almost all current image-processing tasks.

VISOR CODE reads even difficult 1D and 2D codes and supports ISO and AIM grading.

With the VISOR CODE reading vision sensor from SensoPart, reading 1D and 2D codes, even multiple codes in one cycle, is said to be easily achieved, with the user-friendly and flexible user software.

Location and angular orientation can be determined for each code if need. With speeds of 25 reads per second even the fastest production is covered with the VISOR CODE. Unique in the price segment the VISOR CODE also incorporates the object pattern tools to aid with print or date code checks, making it a fantastically economic solution to code reading and object applications.