The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has launched its first integrated I/O controller, the PEC-3710. Featuring an AMD LX800 500 MHz controller with 16-channel analog input, four-channel analog output and 32-channel isolated digital input/output, the PEC-3710 is a standalone automation controller that is claimed to not only shorten ­customers’ development time, but also offer rich networking interface for function extensions.

The PEC-3710 is an application ready platform, which has seamlessly integrated most of the I/O functionalities, including analog input/output, digital input/output, and counters. It has a compact size (255 x 152 x 59 mm) and robustness design. It is fanless, diskless, and has no internal cabling, making the PEC-3710 anti-shock, anti-vibration, and reliable for operating in temperatures of 10-60°C (14-140°F). The PEC-3710 is therefore said to be a suitable solution when it comes to demanding ­environments and various requests for obtaining/receiving different data, for example, traffic flow control in an automated highway system, vehicle electronic weighing system, or automatic onboard control system.

The PEC-3710 supports Windows XP and WinCE with pre-installed drivers and tools to control all I/O ­functions, which allows customers to save the effort of troublesome installation and accelerate development time.