Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid subassemblies, has announced a new tiny electromagnetically-actuated shotbolt lock with enclosure dimensions of 7mm in diameter and less than 21mm in length. This is the company’s smallest solenoid-based electric locking component to date.

With its sub-miniature dimensions, the new G-HU-Z-007 shotbolt is ideal for a range of interlocking and electric lock applications including those in precision equipment and apparatus. An early customer installation uses several of the new shotbolts to provide security for individual drawers in a retail pharmacy storage system. The drawer locks are actuated remotely by a control system to prevent unauthorised access.

The G-HU-Z-007 is a ‘pull type’ shotbolt, where the de-energised state is locked. Solenoid actuation retracts the 2.5mm diameter bolt against an integral return spring. The unit is robustly constructed from stainless steel with high service-life and maintenance-free bearings. Mounting in a panel or fitting is by a central M6 thread. As an option, that thread can be changed for a customer-specific mounting flange. Electrical connections are via solder tags.

In its standard configuration, the G-HU-Z-007 operates from a 12-volt DC supply, with lower voltages available by request.

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