Vollmer UK, the specialist in grinding and eroding machinery for tool production and maintenance will be showing new and old innovations at MACH 2012. The Loroch Ekostar 500 for the CNC re-sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of HSS circular saw blades is one product that will be on display. This will be complemented by the CHD270 for the grinding of TCT tipped circular saw blades whilst the QXD200 disc erosion and grinding machine for processing PCD cutting tools highlights its capabilities for processing cutting tools for aerospace, F1 and automotive industries.

A new concept for metal cutting circular saw blades up to 500mm diameter, the Ekostar 500 for re-sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of HSS and solid carbide saw blades offers vari-pitch toothing for chip breaker grooves. It achieves outstanding grinding quality for standard tooth shapes and can also grind non-standard tooth shapes. The optimum grinding finish achieved is the culmination of successful interaction between the saw blade feed and lift movement of the grinding head, which are computer controlled.

Vollmer UK (Stand 4019)

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