…for laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting, bio medical imaging… 


NIT has completely redesigned its WiDy SWIR camera product line to better serve the market.

Users can now benefit from both an optomized housing and new software WiDyVision with advanced image processing capabilities.

Available in QVGA and VGA resolution, offering logarithmic response with Wide Dynamic Range (> 140 dB) and TECless operation, WiDy SWIR is now available with global shutter mode sensors.

ALRAD now offer LangerEMV-Technik GmbH EMC products

Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is an electro-technical company which is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related to:-

  • research
  • development
  • production

Their pre-compliance measurement equipment and IC Test System, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world. 

Furthermore, they offer development support advisory assistance in solving EMC tasks in module development. 

Thanks to their strategies and measuring methods they are able to solve EMC problems right on the module efficiently, quickly and at low cost. They pass on the knowledge that they acquire through their work in practical experimental EMC seminars (in-house seminars for their customers or public seminars).

The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Bannewitz near Dresden.

Sentech offer long cables for remote imaging applications

Do you need to transfer images to a remote computer? If so new cabling solutions from Sentech could provide a solution. For use with USB2.0 output cameras the cable provides solutions up to 80 meters distance.  A data sheet giving further details is available from our website.


Sentech’s High Speed Camera Link CMOSIS series includes 2, 4 and 12 MP resolution cameras.

With 340, 180, or 60 FPS, these cameras are some of the fastest, most cost effective CMOSIS cameras on the market today. All the cameras features Global Shutter, Full Trigger Functionality, and a user programmable AOI.

Let’s find out what’s new in the world of Custom Camera Design from ISG?

IMAGING SOLUTIONS GROUP offer a wide range of industrial camera solutions Microscopy

Automated Assay Analysis customers are using ISG cameras with high resolution large pixel sizes and low noise sensors. The large sensors enable fewer iterations and motor movements to accelerate analysis of large assay arrays. Fast auto-focus algorithms also lead to faster more efficient throughput for these automated tests. ISG cameras are programmable via on-board FPGAs with customer specific algorithms used to analyze the images in real-time, thus giving our customers significant advantages over their competition. Faster analysis times, on-board processing, and low noise imaging solves many assay issues. Fluorescent imaging and DNA analysis applications also benefit from these same techniques.

Machine Vision Inspection

The Automated Optical Inspection system market is very competitive. Every vendor wants to improve speed and accuracy at the lowest possible cost. ISG customizes solutions for this market. New high frame rate sensors from CMOSIS, OnSemi and Sony are being used to offer high-resolution for automated optical inspection systems. ISG integrates these sensors along with on-board CPU, FPGA and memory and additional circuitry to complete an embedded imaging system that lowers overall system costs dramatically. This gives our customers a significant advantage in the competitive automated inspection market. We have some customers whose electronics budget and physical size have been reduced to such a point that new target markets are possible for the very first time. Bread-box sized AOI systems are now possible at price points that open new markets which have never seen such efficiencies. ISG specializes in making the camera a complete customized embedded solution.

LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Family

High Resolution, High Frame Rate Sensors, Low Cost!

SONY IMX174 & IMX249

CMOSIS CMV 2000 & 4000 & 12000

OnSemi, Aptina & Truesense Imaging CCD’s

OnSemi PYTHON CMOS Sensors Coming Soon

Large FPGA, 256 MB Memory, all on-board

LightWise™ Allegro GigE Vision coming very soon!

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