New sensor from ifm electronic monitors the health of hydraulic oil

There are any number of sources of contamination in oil, but no matter where particles come from, their presence in hydraulic systems interferes with the ability of the hydraulic fluid to lubricate and causes wear to the components. The extent of contamination in the fluid has a direct bearing on the performance and reliability of the system and it is necessary to control solid contaminant particles to levels that are considered appropriate for the system concerned.  To measure the extent of contamination by solid particles, sensor market leader ifm electronic has just launched the LDP, designed specifically for the analysis of particle concentration for trend monitoring and display of the cleanliness levels according to ISO 4406:99 or SAE AS4059E.

Typical particle sizes found in hydraulic oils range from 4 to 14 µm, and thus within the measuring range of the LDP.

The LDP will cope with various oil types, from mineral and ester oils to biodegradable oils, with temperatures between -10 and 80 °C and dynamic pressures up to 420 bar.

Not only does the LDP have a display, but will provide analogue output  (4…20 mA configurable), with a digital alarm output, with digital input to start and stop readings, but it also features a data memory for 3000 data records.

The monitoring of hydraulics is particularly necessary on mobile machinery, so the LDP has an interface to CAN for integration into mobile control systems.

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