A white paper is helping pharmaceutical manufacturers to optimise vibration monitoring data – enabling production and performance to be maximised.

The white paper, which has been published by vibration monitoring experts Hansford Sensors and is available as a free download, provides a comprehensive explanation of the vibration monitoring process and the technologies available to enhance it.

Engineers responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of machinery in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals will gain an understanding of how to correctly specify, select and install different types of vibration sensors for online and offline systems, in addition to valuable information on the process itself. It also provides an in-depth example of the process in action in an air handling unit, detailing the equipment used for best results.

“Accurate data capture is essential as part of a predictive maintenance plan in today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing. Vibration monitoring techniques and technology play a critical role in gathering this data, and, therefore, maximising performance,” explains Chris Hansford, Managing Director of Hansford Sensors.

“Our new white paper explains how to achieve this, using a real world example, so engineers can put theory into practice – and truly optimise data collection. Only with this data can the right decisions be made about what action to take to prevent equipment downtime and, where possible, extend the operating life beyond recommended maintenance intervals.”

Download the new white paper from the Hansford Sensors website.