The biggest challenge when manufacturing miniaturized industrial photoelectric sensors is to combine both the optical and electronic components into one housing which requires a complex engineering solution.

Panasonic’s ability to meet this challenge is due to many years of experience in the development of photoelectric sensors for the automation industry.

Panasonic’s capability to manufacture miniaturized sensors has been proven again recently with its EX-Z Series sensor that has resulted in worldwide smallest optical thru-beam sensor with a built-in amplifier.

Even though the housing is only 3mm deep all the elements optics, electronics, indicator LEDs, and a transistor output fit inside the extremely compact package. It appeals to many industries with its low power consumption, IP65 degree of protection and also excellent vibration and shock resistance allowing it to be used in harsh environments.

Panasonic offers more than 2,000 different photoelectric sensors with the EX series especially suited to precise object detection within a limited installation space. All these sensors are very compact in size and are able to detect even the smallest objects with a fast response and high precision.