With the ever increasing need for a drive towards energy efficiency be it in small, medium or large industrial companies where monitoring of multiple energy points is required, the Panasonic KW2M ECO-Power meter can be part of the first step towards the integration of a professional energy management system in a company.

The new Eco-POWER METER KW2M series allows you to achieve a level of transparency when measuring and collecting energy data and is the basis for target-oriented energy efficiency measures.

In addition to allowing you to save energy costs, thanks to improved connection technology you can save significant commissioning time. In addition, the new push-in connectors require less wiring time and  offer space saving.

The KW2M main controller and expansion units can each measure 2 channels per unit, allowing up to 8 circuits to be connected if you use the maximum of 3 expansion units.  Measurements are taken with an accuracy of 0.2% for current and voltage and 0.5% for electric power.

The integrated hub and twin Ethernet ports greatly simplify the connection of multiple KW2M Eco-POWER METERs on site and are used to compliment the integrated Web server functionality.  This allows real-time monitoring of various parameters and displaying the information via user defined pages created using the Web creator tool.

Additional functionality is provided with individual inputs and outputs that can be configured to count external device and provide outputs to inform of various alarms for events.

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