Carbon management platform Emitwise and sustainability data company Sedex have signed a partnership to address businesses’ supply chain data challenges. 

The partnership seeks to support businesses’ sustainability efforts by providing deeper insights and more efficient data services for supply chain sustainability, including on notoriously difficult Scope 3 emissions. 

Emitwise addresses a critical sustainability challenge by helping businesses to measure and manage their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Their services perfectly complement Sedex’s tools and data landscape, with our expertise across social areas. Our customers often ask us for more environmental data capabilities – this partnership will deliver that in an effective way that taps into existing, proven solutions. I’m delighted we’re partnering with Emitwise, and excited about our future work to harness both our strengths for our customers’ benefit,” said Jon Hancock, Sedex Chief Executive Officer.

As businesses face increasing pressure to manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and impacts, data on supply chain activities is essential yet challenging to collate. Sedex and Emitwise will look to combine their respective strengths across social and environmental data and assessment to help businesses analyse, act and report on key sustainability areas more easily.

Emitwise supports businesses to measure, manage and report on their complete carbon footprint, including the complex yet crucial Scope 3 supply chain emissions. Sedex’s strengths across its data platform and assessment tools lie in social topics such as working hours, labour management practices, and worker demographics at supplier work sites. 

By working together, the two companies hope to enable brands, suppliers and intermediaries to access more of their supply chain sustainability data in one place to drive more informed, efficient decision-making and reporting. 

Sedex and Emitwise will begin by referring each other’s services to customers, alongside work to develop their collaboration across data integration, insights and measurement. For example, they will investigate ways to bring Emitwise environmental data into the Sedex ecosystem for businesses to analyse within the context of social data on suppliers and individual work sites.

Emitwise and Sedex will explore opportunities to combine their supply chain data capabilities to empower customers’ wider sustainability goals.