A range of process indicators and panel meters with new integrated cylindrical tank volume measurement capability are now available in the UK from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems. The new feature is said to simplify the

calculation of volumes of liquids, gases or solids in cylindrical process storage tanks. The volume of a combination of different tank shapes can be calculated quickly and easily, including both vertically and horizontally mounted tanks.

The new volume measurement feature is available on a number of process indicators and panel meters from Impress, including the SRL-49, SRP-73, SRP-77, SRP-94, SRP-147 and the SRP-N118. These process indicators and panel meters offer flexibility in terms of supply options, by offering process manufacturers, OEMs, machine builders, systems integrators and panel builders a wide range of process inputs to suit temperature sensors, voltage and current output devices.

The SRL-49 is a bar graph digital process indicator with current input protection, safeguarding the measuring resistor against damage. The SRP-73 is a compact, low cost, programmable digital process meter, which has a 13mm digital, four-digit, two-colour display. The SRP-94 is a larger programmable process meter, which has a 20mm LED digital, two-colour display and up to four relay outputs. The SRP-77 is similar to the SRP-94, but offers a two-row display (red and green) panel. The SRP-147 is a digital process indicator with an extra large 4mm x 38mm display. For customers who need to mount the indicator on a wall in a dusty or high humidity environment, the SRP-N118 is a wall-mountable process meter protected by an IP65 housing made from ABS and glass-fibre. All units are available with AC or DC power supply.

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