PROPEN, introduces the new portable marking solution, the electro-magnetic M7000, with Touch’n Mark technology.  This new and innovative marking solution is fully mobile with Integrated Control Unit and Belt Battery, ideal for large or hard to move components; extremely simple and user-friendly with Intuitive Programming, fast and offers the deepest marking possible in its class with a brand new M2X stylus technology.  The M7000 has a responsive 7” color touch screen.  

With the ability to store over 2000 files, 5 standard fonts, the ability to import 100 files in less than 5 seconds and a fast marking process,10 characters every 3 seconds.   

With the M7000, you have the opportunity to engrave all your products with logos, serial numbers, linear text, Data Matrix, month, date or year codes.

This docking station allows the M7000 user the benefits of a benchtop machine including marking plates, identifying small components etc…

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