A range of proportional valves from Norgren comprises high-performance products which enable flexible control of both pressure and flow.

Norgren VP50/51 and VP23 proportional three-way pressure controllers have been specifically designed for pressure regulation and leak testing. Areas of application include the positioning and speed control of cylinder movement. Here, the VP60 proportional valve delivers fast response times and exceptional repeatability. On-board microprocessor control directly operates this 5/3-way glandless valve. The VP60 has fast response times (3-5 microseconds) and a standard serial interface for a Windows user interface (VP Tool) described above.

The Norgren range of electropneumatic proportional valves includes proportional pressure and flow versions with open or closed control loops. Sophisticated glandless piston technology and balanced seating continuously regulates and controls pressure or flow. The result is highly responsive performance and a long, problem-free life cycle. 

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