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Jun 17, 2021 | Machine Vision & Systems, News

Quantum Design launch a new Imaging magazine jam packed with application notes, articles and case studies from their partners plus a free to enter Competition !

Quantum Design UK and Ireland have recently launched their first bumper issue of their new Imaging Cameras magazine, drawing on case studies, articles and applications notes from leading manufacturers:

  • Specim
  • Raptor Photonics
  • InfraTec
  • Cordin Scientific

With a foreword by their new Camera Sales Engineer, Luke Nicholls, other highlights of the magazine include:

  • Advancing Geology with Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Avoiding Contamination in the Food Industry
  • Infrared Cameras for Temperature Scanning in the Fight Against Covid-19
  • SWIR Cameras for Telecommunications Applications
  • Streak Cameras in Action (videos)
  • Avoiding Contamination in the Food Industry.
  • Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines

Scientific Cameras for Microscopy

  • Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity in Nano- and Mesostructured Polymer Systems
  • Remote sensing of Vegetation using SWIR cameras on a UAV
  • Aerial Thermography

And much, much more….

Download your free copy of the magazine

QD-UKI are also really excited to be able to offer their readers ‘try before you buy’ on two great products: the InfraTec ImageIR and the Specim IQ.

Read the magazine to learn more – check out pages 31 and 37.

Plus, there’s information on a newly launched Imaging Competition #HappyToBeBackInTheLabQD – a fun and easy Twitter photo competition celebrating getting back into the lab at long last. Learn more about the competition, prizes and how to enter here.

QD-UKI will be running an Imaging Cameras Roadshow this Autumn and you can add your university or lab to the itinerary.

Find out more on page 19 of the magazine.