Maximise the investment in your machine interface with the market leading European manufacturer of UI and UX – Beijer Electronics. With thousands of installations and over 30+ years’ experience of providing class leading award winning HMI software and panels our focus is to offer unparalleled support to our customers in their HMI development requirements.

Whilst supporting structured screen design, clear screen objectives and planned outcomes ensures operators are situationally aware, driving productivity and process improvements, the HMI is also an opportunity to promote brand value through superb graphics whilst providing potential for additional revenue streams through the aggregation of machine data.

Because our portfolio covers Extreme, Marine and Manufacturing environments and now includes a Web technology SCADA software offering, our range is flexible and dynamic meaning we are eminently well placed to assist you with making your machine interface a real differentiator.

Learn and explore the range of HMI solutions, provided by your visualisation experts at Beijer Electronics

The X2 series is our ‘go-to’ for panels, software and data collection, a multi-functional portfolio which enables machine builders to create solutions that save space, cut costs, and optimize overall system performance.

  • PLC Vendor Agnostic – Where in the world a machine is going often determines the specification for PLC supplier along with the resulting headache of a change of communication requirements. The independence of Beijer Electronics’ approach to automation ensures that complying with multiple End User specifications for PLC platforms should not be a bar to entry or bothersome, with hundreds of communication drivers tested and readily available, nearly all protocols are included FoC.
  • Wide Portfolio – The Beijer range enables machine builders to choose the most suitable product for their specific requirements, taking into consideration factors such as environmental and industry standards, various screen sizes, performance levels, plus integrated control and connectivity options.
  • Software – Why you will love our hardware. iX Developer provides a stable intuitive programming environment with comprehensive graphical libraries, support for industry-standard protocols and access to our Smartstore software application portal which is home to hundreds of software hacks, tips and tricks to really get the most from your machine operation. Smartstore can turbocharge the development process vastly reduce- programming complexity and time for machine builders.

WebIQ is our latest offering and we are very excited to showcase it. A web-based HMI, WebIQ delivers the potential to create stunning visualisation software and brings a new level of flexibility to machine interfaces capabilities.

Developed with HTML5 and JavaScript, WebIQ supports an extensive range of devices and operating systems, from smartphones to PLC controllers. It promotes efficient data communication enabling real-time supervision and fostering faster, more informed decision.

With WebIQ, machine builders can streamline complex machine control interfaces into an intuitive, user-friendly HMI that can significantly improve operation efficiency. Its versatility ensures connectivity, regardless of the machine builders’ location, thus making remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control achievable.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Beijer focuses on delivering user-friendly interfaces and graphical programming environments. This helps machine builders create HMIs that are dynamic for the user, leading to improved productivity and reduced operator errors.
  • Improved accessibility: With WebIQ’s browser-based interfaces, machine builders and OEM’s can have remote access to their systems, making it possible to control and oversee operations from virtually anywhere.
  • Future-proofing: When using WebIQ, machine builders can future-proof their system with the ability to install the visualisation software on different hardware to suit the application, also potentially reducing costs and simplifying the architecture.

Overall, Beijer Electronics’ HMI solutions offer compatibility, flexibility, easy integration, enhanced user experience, maintenance and support, and future-proofing benefits for machine builders.

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