The latest robot sales statistics compiled by the British Robot and Automation Association (BARA), reveal that sales have increased by a dramatic 68 per cent over the last year. Almost all of the major robotics suppliers to British Manufacturing have reported this trend which is welcome news from the industry.

The most dramatic growth has come from the automotive or automotive components sectors with growth of 235 per cent and 176 per cent respectively. Surprisingly both the food and drink and pharmaceutical, health and medical sectors reported a decrease of 8 per cent and 76 per cent respectively.

Mike Wilson chairman of BARA said: “We are delighted with such an increase in industrial robot sales over the year although most of this has been within the automotive industry. Most sectors have experienced increases and this represents the best growth statistics since 1997. Average growth is nearly 70 per cent year-on-year which represents strong sales for most of the robot manufacturers.”

Mike continued “the Government are also putting considerable money behind the promotion of robotics in UK Manufacturing in recognition that robots actually create more jobs through growth. Currently over 100 companies are making use of the free automation review open to any UK manufacturer. This in turn should also enhance growth in robotics over the next couple of years”

Companies wishing to make use of the free automation review should contact Grant Collier on 0208 773 8111 or visit the website