A new range of soft starts for monitoring and protection of centrifugal pumps

Carlo Gavazzi has introduced the RSWT range to its already popular Soft Starter family.  It’s the first soft starter on the market to perform a self-learning algorithm for smooth soft starting and stopping of pumps using a single knob setting.  This ensures optimal starts and stops even under different load conditions and minimises any vibrations.

The RSWT is available up to 25A 11kW/15HP @ 400V and comes in a compact 45mm IP20 protective housing.  The compact unit can replace the use of contactors and star/delta timers whilst using up less space in the controls panel and speeds up commissioning time.

Thanks to its self-learning algorithm, the RSWT, in its basic form (RSWT..V00), only needs 1-knob setting for ramp up and ramp-down adjustment making it a one-of-kind product in this market.  The

more advanced version RSTV10 has integrated overload protection and independent start/stop ramp settings, trip class 10 overload protection, three phase control with internal bypass of semi-conductors.

The RSWT includes popular control functions such as phase sequence, over and under-voltage monitoring, locked rotor protection and shorted SCR for improved pump protection in case of abnormal conditions.    Soft starter status indication is provided by green, yellow and red LEDs for supply, ramping and alarm indication.  Additionally, the RSWT is also equipped with two output relays for alarm (Normally closed – NC) and top of ramp (Normally Open – NO) indication.  The RWST series is approved by CE, cULus with CCC (Pending).

The RSWT series ensure optimal performance in industries such as but not limited to Water Treatment, HVAC, Agriculture, Process Industries and Smart Building applications where Centrifugal Pumps are becoming increasingly more popular.

For more information regarding Carlo Gavazzi and its range of products, please visit the new format and easy to navigate website: www.carlogavazzi.co.uk