The Sanyo Denki SANMOTION range now includes stepper motors from 35mm to 86mm frame size with factory fitted encoders.

They offer simplified closed loop control, allowing position verification, accurate homing and stall detection. EAO Ltd can also supply all connection cables and a matching stepper driver.

Stepper Motor with Encoder Product Features

  • Dual shaft motor with factory fitted encoder
  • Pre-fitted tested and aligned for ease of use
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional encoder connection cable
  • Encoder with 200 to 1024 PPR resolution

The most popular 42mm versions are available online by clicking here for Premier Farnell or  RS Components

Stepper motors with encoders allow engineers to create a closed loop motion control system. This combines the advantages of stepper motors such as high torque at low speed and stable stop and hold without hunting along with precise actual positioning. A closed loop system can provide precise position verification and accurate homing especially useful for high precision and safety related applications. With a choice of 42mm up to 86mm motors and encoders from 200 to 1024 pules per revolution and optional pulse signal these motor / encoder combinations save engineers the time and effort of specifying and sourcing separate dual shaft motors and matching encoders. In addition, they reduce the need to drill mounting holes in to the motor body and to mount and align the encoder which can invalidate the motor warranty. These tested combinations can also be supplied with the relevant connection cables for easy connection. Download the catalogue here.

Sanyo Denki manufacture 2 phase stepper motors from 14mm to 106mm frame sizes to find out more about the complete range of Sanyo Denki SANMOTION stepper motors and drivers click here to visit our stepper motor page,

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