As of the 1st August, Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, will no longer be allowing distributors to send in product orders via fax in a bid to digitise its offering to customers and improve the customer experience.

While approximately 90% of Schneider Electric’s orders from distributors are currently completed electronically, some customers are still using fax machines to place orders with the company. With a view to preventing order processing delays of up to 48 hours and improving the overall customer experience, customers are now being asked to order via the MySchneider platform. 

Embracing digital purchasing will benefit customers with the ability to place or amend orders 24/7 at their convenience, track orders in real-time and check price and availability of stocked items. Orders placed on MySchneider are processed the same day and the online platform means that customers can even qualify for additional online discounts and rebates.

“We’re surprised to see a number of our customers are still using fax machines to place their orders. We live in a more connected world than ever before, and if we and our distributor partners are to become more efficient and productive, we need to embrace this. At Schneider Electric, we are pioneers of digital transformation and we want to encourage our customers to join us on this journey as well”, commented Tim Barber, Distribution Programme Manager at Schneider Electric.

“Our decision to no longer accept orders via fax is a step in the right direction to offering a better quality of service to our customers. Customers have been notified about these changes – and we hope they will enjoy the greater transparency and efficiencies they receive as a result of using the MySchneider portal.”

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