Schneider Electric launches ‘Smart Campus’ webinar series

Mar 31, 2020 | Industry 4.0, Renewable Energy

Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation, energy management, and automation, has announced a series of webinars to help universities develop a ‘Smart Campus’ strategy.

With restrictions closing most institutions until the next academic year, Schneider Electric is providing support to help universities develop a Smart Campus strategy.

The Schneider Electric ‘Smart Campus’ webinar series includes four interactive, digital webinars with a range of industry experts. These will look to help universities create the systems, services and organisational structures that will improve campus life and assist in achieving efficiency and sustainability targets.

The webinars are split into four focus areas:  

Tuesday 31st March, 14:00 GMT – Adapting the IT Infrastructure and embracing solutions for energy efficiency and remote management to support the business requirements

Wednesday 1st April, 11:00 GMT – How can Universities leverage Building Management Systems and Connected Products to increase occupant comfort and achieve sustainable goals?

Wednesday 1st April, 15:00 GMT – Innovative Energy Management Systems provide entire visibility of electrical systems as a first step towards operational efficiency

Thursday 16th April, 14:00 GMT – Creating a Microgrid: a key to resilience, efficiency and sustainability

“The diversity of a university campus is unique. No other estate includes offices, private accommodation, theatres, restaurants, shop and sports facilities. With such a range of uses, a university management team must understand and optimise energy use and security,” said Kas Mohammed, VP of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric. “With universities currently closed, we hope the ‘Smart Campus Solutions’ will help educate facilities managers in creating the smart campus of the future.” 

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