We are pleased to announce a new partnership between SD Products Ltd and SIMON Beschlagtechnik – Fittings Technology division of SIMON corporate group. SIMON is an innovator and premium supplier of high-quality furniture fitting systems. The company specialises in highly functional, complex products with combined damping and push-to-open functions for the furniture industry, e.g. for installation in drawers and cabinets, as well as damping systems for sliding and hinged doors of many different sizes and weight classes. Full Fittings Technology range is now available on our website.

When it was first founded in 1918, the SIMON company manufactured components for the clock making industry; it soon also included sheet metal and punched components, mirror mounts, and cabinet shelving in its portfolio of products. In 1938, SIMON created a separate area for manufacturing furniture fittings. The company has been collecting experience in creating functional fittings for many different types of furnishings ever since. SIMON Fittings Technology division has grown continuously, keeping up with quickly shifting trends in the home, bath, bedroom, and office areas. Since its inception, it has equipped generation upon generation of furniture pieces with opening and closing systems.

SD Products is proud to be the first official UK distributor for SIMON, we consider this partnership an important step forward as we continue grow our presence in the motion technologies market. It is our aim to provide the best quality service to our customers and clients and we sincerely hope that working with SIMON will allow us to do that in more ways than before.

Visit https://www.sdproducts.co.uk/damping-and-push-to-open-systems for the full range.