Remote maintenance | Visualization | Alarms | Protocolling

  • Secure OpenVPN remote maintenance access via myREX24 V2 portal
  • Integrated 3 or 4-port LAN switch
  • WAN, 3G, LTE or WiFi variants available
  • Digital inputs for establishing a connection and issuing alarms
  • Integrated firewall
  • Space-saving compact size
  • Supports all of the usual mobile communications standards and is downwards-compatible where network coverage isn’t present
  • USB-over-IP


Ethernet participants, such as PLC control systems, can be reached with the REX 100 industrial routers, irrespective of the manufacturer.

The REX 100 routers are systematically designed to operate in conjunction with the myREX24 portal: All parameterization and remote maintenance is carried out on the portal. Data transmission takes place via an encrypted VPN tunnel on the basis of the secure OpenVPN protocol.

With the digital inputs, alarms can be sent via the myREX24 V2 portal as SMS and e-mail.

The USB host port present in all devices enables the connection of USB devices (e.g. programming port of a motor) via the remote maintenance tunnel (USB-over-IP).


Remote maintenance

  • Diagnosis, configuration and programming of the machine via the Internet
  • Worldwide end customer support from your experts
  • Quick availability of service
  • Income through new service offerings and maintenance agree- ments
  • Savings on travel costs
  • Reduction of personnel absence
  • Standard OpenVPN clients also accessible through the portal



  • Freely configurable dashboards for the individual representation of the PLC data
  • Extensive library of display elements, for example, pointer instruments and bar graphs
  • Mobile and secure web access via HTTPS, also for smartphones and tablets
  • Display of live and protocol data
  • Easy login with user ID and password



  • Monitoring of limit values
  • Flexible alarm messages, also with acknowledgment
  • Alarm messages via SMS, e-mail, or via the integrated message system
  • User-dependent reporting profiles
  • Calendar function for taking personnel deployment times into account



  • Configuration, analysis, and evaluation via standard browser
  • Planning of maintenance measures in keeping with actual usage of the system
  • Continuous information on down times and production figures
  • Connection of self-hosted databases
  • Access to protocol data via WEB API



  • Easy access through an HTML5-enabled web browser
  • Access to websites (HTTP/HTTPS), RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet clients
  • HTTPS encrypting
  • No additional software or app needed
  • Ideal for mobile remote diagnostics via smartphone or tablet computers
  • Monitoring and visualization


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