Panasonic launches the SF4D safety light curtain series with significantly improved environmental resistance. The rigidity of the new housing could only be achieved by reducing the volume of the internal part by more than 60% compared to previous models.

The volume gained has been used to strengthen the case structure, making it more rigid without changing the outer dimensions. Therefore, the SF4D still has the same outside dimensions as standard light curtains of 30mm by 28mm. The new interior design makes the safety light curtain more rigid and thus more robust. The SF4D does not bend or twist as easily when it comes into contact with other objects.

Unique beam alignment technology

The SF4D safety light curtain is equipped with a unique alignment technology. This function helps to adjust the beams during installation and to control the light quality during operation. The amount and quality of the light received is indicated by the LED color and a one-digit display.

The LED indicators also show whether there is dirt on the detection surface or whether the beams are misaligned. The indicators are used for startup inspection and preventative maintenances.

Very fast response time

The light curtain series SF4D is available in three protection types – finger, hand and arm/foot protection.

A very fast response time of less than 10ms and a special no-blind-zone design make it easy to calculate the safe distance. Combined with the narrow beam pitch of the finger protection type, the quick response time makes it possible to mount the safety light curtain much closer to the dangerous area than a conventional model. All types can be freely wired to provide either NPN or PNP transistor outputs.

Features and benefits:

  • Safety level Type 4, PLe, and SIL3
  • Finger, hand and arm/foot protection type available
  • Very fast response time: max. 10ms
  • Protective height from 150mm to 1910mm
  • Operating range up to 15m
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Integrated muting function