Specim sisuROCK Hyperspectral Core Imaging Station – Advancing Geology

Jul 8, 2021 | Machine Vision & Systems, News

Hyperspectral imagery is a powerful technology to locate minerals that are exposed or weathered in areas of residual soil.

The foremost airborne application of hyperspectral imagery provides mineral mapping for exploration clients in the mining, oil, gas, and geothermal sectors over large and often remote and inaccessible areas.

Geological samples, such as drill cores, can rapidly be mapped for nearly all minerals of a commercial interest with hyperspectral imaging. Specim’s SisuROCK generates an image where each pixel contains a full spectrum, unique to each mineral of interest. High speed, automated computer algorithms identify the minerals and convert the data into mineral maps of the samples depicted. Specim customers have reported achieving savings worth hundreds of millions of dollars by using HSI technology.

SisuROCK is a fully automated hyperspectral core imaging instrument for easy and high-speed scanning of drill cores and other geological samples. It is capable of imaging a single drill core in a high-resolution mode or a whole core box in a high-speed scanning mode. Hyperspectral imaging data of a whole core box is acquired in less than 15 seconds, highly improving productivity in drill core analysis.

SisuROCK provides an efficient and high throughput production tool for the mining industry and a versatile and flexible analysis tool for geological research applications. SisuROCK applies Specim’s state-of-the-art hyperspectral cameras for the rapid collection of hyperspectral data from various geological samples.

The SisuROCK workstation makes a full-scale scan, with all cameras, of the full core area in just a few seconds. Scanning a core tray, from loading it to the scanning table to loading the next box takes only less than 2 minutes. The SisuROCK workstation can scan hundreds of boxes in one day and is the fastest system available.

By using several cameras for different wavelength ranges from visual to thermal the SisuROCK is the most versatile hyperspectral workstation available for a full range of geological problems, unmatched in its capabilities to catch and record even the most difficult types of deposits, samples, and textures in its images.

An average data collection rate with SisuROCK is 1,200 meters of core per day

Hyperspectral imaging of geological samples is a 100% repeatable method, giving the same complete results every day, every time. When you use the SisuROCK workstation you will get all data of the full core area in digital format the first time you scan, and there is no need to revisit a remote core archive to view the core again.

High Speed Drill Core Analysis

Hyperspectral imaging permits high-speed and accurate measurement of drill cores and other geological samples. In the present application example, a renowned mining-specialised organization analyses drill cores with SPECIM VNIR and SWIR Spectral Cameras (imaging spectrometers).

By using hyperspectral, high-resolution drill core scan data, the exploration geologist will be able to use accurate mineralogical and structural information for his work, not visible in normal viewing. In this application, a normal RGB image in the leftmost column as seen by the naked eye will display little or no detailed mineralogical information without additional time-consuming and expensive investigations.

The rightmost column shows the same drill core, this time scanned by SPECIM’s SisuROCK system and classified to a spectral facies image using off-the shelf analysis tools. The image clearly shows the abundance of information – both mineralogical and structural – available to the geologist to guide his decisions in the project and to ensure better results. The whole process of scanning and analysing the image takes only a fraction of time compared to e.g. thin section preparation and analysis at a low cost and produces quantitative data to base operational decisions on.

Key features of the SisuROCK system by Specim

Specim offers several turn-key systems for hyperspectral imaging and analysis of geological samples such as drill cores – whether this be a single core or a complete box. Any number of silicate and non-silicate minerals can be imaged and identified with the use of VNIR, SWIR and/or LWIR (thermal imaging) cameras.

SisuROCK is capable of imaging a single drill core in a high-resolution mode or a whole core box in a high-speed scanning mode. Hyperspectral imaging data of a whole core box is acquired in less than 15 seconds, highly improving productivity in drill core analysis.

The choice of system of course depends on the specific requirements of the user, but normally speed, throughput and total sample volume/variety are the key factors in making this decision.

  1. The SisuROCK system can be equipped with up to x3 different cameras
  2. No sample preparation required
  3. Option for high resolution RGB camera
  4. Single core scanner for lower throughput work
  5. Automated workflow
  6. Objective and consistent data

The Specim SisuROCK is available through Quantum Design UK and Ireland


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