Danish collaborative robotics specialists, Spin Robotics, continues to expand it sales presence in new markets. Founded in 2019 by two dedicated robotic entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in the robotics industry, Spin Robotics have developed affordable and easy to use plug-n-produce, end-of-arm, screwdriving tools for assembly applications using collaborative robots.

Headquartered in Odense, the robotics capital of Denmark. The company has already sold their screwdriving solution to over 33 new distributors throughout Europe in just five months, and are now looking to expand their sales in both the North American and Asian markets following a major investment and backing by REInvest Robotics.

Spin Robotic’s screwdriving system inserts up to 6 screws in less than 1 minute, and the design of the tool allows for insertion of screws in hard-to-reach places. The solution ensures consistent high quality and reduces assembly time by up to 60%. Data collection and torque measurement make it possible to measure every margin in the screwdriving process and thus increase the quality control and documentation of the collected data. The Spin Robotics interface also provides the operator with a visual image of the data from the process. Spin Robotics’ overall solution and the use of a Universal Robot ensure a consistently high quality in the screwdriving process so that the number of errors in production are decreased. Production defects can be costly for subcontractors as they can lead to recalled batches.

In the UK, Spin Robotics screwdriving system can be purchased from Plymouth based Applied Automation Ltd.

David Rowe Managing Director of Applied Automation is delighted to add Spin Robotics solutions to its growing range of high-quality industrial automation products which are supported and sold through its Technical Distribution Division based in Cardiff. “We are proud and delighted to be appointed as the sole UK Distributor for Spin Robotics”, he said.  “The projected growth of collaborative robots is set to surge and a major benefit for companies is their ROI efficiency. Adding a screwdriving system fits really well with our existing collaborative and industrial robot portfolio offerings”, he continued.  “Assembly applications, within intelligent manufacturing environments, where both employees and machines share tasks will be key to boosting productivity, value and job satisfaction in the future”, he concluded.

Esben Hallundboek Ostergaard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at REInvest and former co-founder of the leading Danish robot manufacturer Universal Robots, stated: “Over the years, I have visited many manufacturing companies throughout the world and have often seen the need to automate one-sided repetitive assembly work, including screwdriving tasks. Spin Robotics have developed the right solutions for this, by achieving increased quality and less wear and tear on the assembly worker in a way that is both safe and flexible.”

See how Spin Robotics recently helped Danfoss Drives (another Applied Automation Approved Sales Partner in the UK) find the perfect solution please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIR97nBmGnQ

For more information on Spin Robotics Screwdriving solutions contact:   Applied Automation (UK) Ltd, Technical Distribution Division on 02920 494551 or mail: sales@x-stk.com