The manufacturing industry is a constantly changing landscape, as technologies evolve, and processes become automated. As such, there is a shift towards technology based careers as the skills gap in labour intensive, manual sectors grows even wider. But, there does appear to be a solution to not only addressing the skills gap, but also to enable to transference of skills into the construction industry. That solution lies in digitisation.

The construction industry has typically been male oriented, owing to the physical demands of a very dirty, demanding and difficult industry. This negative and stereotypical perception of the industry has created a perfect storm: A lack of roles, and role models has prevented women from pursuing careers in construction; Construction has not been viewed as a desirable career path to Generation Z, or Zoomers, raised in the age of the internet, social media and Xbox.

This paradigm is shifting, however, as the construction industry starts to wake up to the benefits that technology can deliver. Robots, automation and digital tools are enabling the industry to start to align itself with the modern manufacturing landscape and, in doing so, is able to tap into skills streams that once were inaccessible.

In collaboration with Future Cast and WICQI – Women in Construction and Quarrying Ireland – KUKA are hosting a panel discussion, during which, experts shall delve into why the construction industry’s evolution should feature disruptive technologies, such as robots and automation and how the utilisation of digital technologies is enabling the transference of skills into construction, driving workforce equality and diversity. We shall explore just how these technologies can sustain the industry, help to increase efficiency and competitiveness and enable businesses to realise the potential of disruptive technologies on construction projects.

The event takes place on Wednesday 8th February, and registration is free.

To register, please follow the link below: