Engineers and consultants can boost their test and measurement knowledge with a series of online training sessions from HBM.

Run by the company’s’ technical experts, these courses focus on specific products, software and applications, such as power analysis, utilising accelerometers and installing strain gauges.

How to avoid typical errors during strain gauge installations

Incorrectly installing a strain gauge can put the users project at risk, as well as wasting time and money. To help avoid these pitfalls, this strain gauge webinars covers how to minimise risks by identifying error sources and how to simplify the installation. It also covers the advantages of pre-wired gauges and how to set up a measurement chain, in a couple of minutes.

Power analysis on complex drives with any phase count and multiple machines

This webinar introduces a new power analyser, designed for complex applications beyond pure 3 or 6ph power and efficiency measurements. This session details how the analyser adapts to multi motor drive systems, hybrid drives and complete electrical installations, providing users with a quick to set up and efficiency results in real time.

Accelerometers for beginners – selection, correct use and care

Correctly setting up accelerometers involves many decisions – what’s the expected vibration level or frequency range? Is the measurement location a constant temperature? What mounting method should be used? During this webinar, delegates will learn to answer to these and many other questions, helping them to avoid common mistakes, reduce set up time and acquire accurate results.
Further information and HBM’s full webinar calendar is available on the training section of the company’s website: