Boulting has been awarded one of the key AMP6 Control and Automation services framework contract from Thames Water, over the 2015-2020 investment periods. 

Boulting Technology, a strategic business of Boulting, has won a Lot 1a agreement, covering manufacture and related system integration of Motor Control Centres, and a Lot 1b agreement, which includes complex systems integration projects. The appointment comes as an acknowledgement of Boulting Technology’s expertise, skills and experience in the design, production, management and servicing of large scale automation projects. 

The appointment of the Boulting Technology comes as a result of Thames Water’s new approach to supply management, which focuses on creating a collaborative supplier community that encourages innovation and low whole life cost. As a strategic partner, Boulting will support Thames Water’s AMP6 capital alliance eight2O, the operations team and other aspects of the water company’s capital programme. 

The systems integrator is well-placed to meet Thames Water’s new approach. Boulting Technology is a key supplier and project manager of design-and-build automation services, with a history of successfully implementing projects in partnership with water companies. 

“Boulting Technology’s open, collaborative ethos and broad capability has established the company as the partner of choice for control and automation services and products,” explained Gordon Mullis, Boulting Technology’s managing director. 

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Thames and eight2O to provide innovative solutions from concept to implementation and beyond. We’re keen to ensure successful delivery of cost effective solutions that meet the complex project requirements of Thames Water.”

All Boulting Technology products comply with the new BS EN61439 standard, which comes into effect on November 1, 2014. The company’s expert team of engineers builds, designs, tests and installs a wide range of motor control centres and low voltage assemblies. The design process emphasises usability, allowing a seamless transition to the building phase. Finally, comprehensive tests, including full functional tests, are carried out at the firm’s Warrington factory.