Low cost versatile robots are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing environment and this latest Fisnar F5200N gantry model from Intertronics offers flexibility for dispensing operations. It joins the largest range of dispensing robots, for a range of applications, including form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating and filling.

The strength of the UNITOP F5200N lies in its ability to create its own working area, enabling the system to be mounted on any work surface. The system is suitable for use on any type of platform requiring a gantry type mounting with open access under the robot. It is also ideal for conveyor fed automation or can be installed in work cells operating as a slave robot, allowing users to create their workstation.

Intertronics point out that the robot comprises a control module, a teach-pendant and an articulated-gantry. The F5200N has a working area of 200 x 200mm with a resolution accuracy of 0.001mm. Using the teach pendant, the dispensing robot supports windows compatible dispensing software and can store and retrieve up to 100 programs (400,000 points).

Reliability and accuracy feature strongly in the F5200 with resolution of 0.001mm/axis derived from its micro-stepping motor controlled via USB/RS232 interface. For further information please see www.intertronics.co.uk or visit their blog at www.adhere.uk.com