On average 96% of the lifetime costs of an electric motor are associated with energy consumption, which means there’s a huge potential for savings by running your motors efficiently. Easier said than done you might say but using the right soft start solution can provide significant benefits.

Let’s be honest, motors aren’t cheap to run. They have a large appetite for energy and can need constant servicing with the prospect of lengthy downtime periods associated with motor repairs. Costs that directly affect production and your bottom line. This is where a good ac motor soft start solution can save you money and where the CD Automation soft starter range fits in perfectly. How do we do that? By offering a product that will improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

1. Efficiency Savings – our soft starters improve motor efficiency by controlling how much energy is used when starting the motor. By producing a controlled start, acceleration and stop, your motors will use a precise amount of electricity rather than over (or under) power during motor operation. This consistency means your electricity usage will no longer go through the roof when trying to start a heavy process load.

2. Maintenance Cost Reduction – the elimination of motor judder during start-up, a typical issue with non-controlled motors, will prevent shaft cracking, uneven coupling wear and insulation damage that will naturally reduce maintenance costs. By using a quality soft starter you will experience a gentle start up to full speed which sustains the life of the motors internal mechanisms. Simply put you will no longer have to spend as much, or as frequently, on motor repairs and your process productivity will increase as a result of reduced downtime.

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