The wait is over… HALCON 13 is available now!

Nov 17, 2016 | Machine Vision & Systems, News

Need high performance imaging tools you can rely on? Then look no further! HALCON 13, the latest version of MVTec’s legendary Image Processing Software, brings a whole range of new and improved technologies.

· The new version provides significantly increased performance for shaped-based matching.

· For those reading bar codes, now damaged, occluded, or incomplete bar codes, as well as deformed data codes can now be recognised and read more robustly than ever before.

· Texture inspection is made easy!

The new version offers a clever enhanced, deep learning based optical character recognition (OCR), as well as the automatic, robust identification of dot print fonts.


Multipix will be offering a 20% discount on all HALCON 13 SDK products for all categories (industry, non-profit, university) from November 1 until December 9.

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