TM Robotics, the distribution partner for Shibaura Machine — formerly Toshiba Machine — robotics, is celebrating an expansion of its business in the United Kingdom. As of this year, TM Robotics will form the British and Irish arm of Shibaura Machine’s Injection Moulding Division, hiring two specialist engineers and ensuring the continuation of service and maintenance for existing injection moulding machine users in the region.

The new offering includes the all-electric SXIII injection moulding machine series from Shibaura Machine. In addition to the supply of the all-electric series, TM Robotics will also supply parts and perform maintenance for hydraulic Shibaura Machine — and existing Toshiba Machine — injection moulding equipment in the field.

The expansion of the portfolio reinforces TM Robotics’ strong partnership with Shibaura Machine, having distributed its extensive range of SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots for over 20 years.

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Technologies exhibited at trade shows

TM Robotics will also be returning to the trade show circuit this year — focusing its European efforts at Automatica in Munich on 21 to 24 June, 2022, while the North American division exhibits at Automate in Chicago on 6 to 9 June, 2022. The shows will see TM Robotics demonstrate its latest robotic technologies for the first time in several years, including the THE600 SCARA robot and the TS5000 controller.

The THE600 is the latest robot from TM Robotics’ product portfolio. It is the price-to-performance leader on the SCARA robot market, boasting impressive cycle times and a 60 per cent higher payload than competing models. The range can be found on the TM Robotics website.

The robot is paired with the new TS5000 robot controller from Shibaura Machine. Following years of development, the TS5000 has been designed to improve robot precision and further shorten cycle times. With enhanced communication functions between the robot and controller, the TS5000 allows the robot to be integrated seamlessly into a smart factory environment. More information on the controller can be found here.

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