KABELSCHLEPP Metool equipped a port crane in the Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Panama, with a robust cable carrier with encapsuled stroke system, dirt-resistant outer contour and reinforced bolt holes from its TKHD series. The project was managed completely by KABELSCHLEPP Metool, from planning to implementation. An international team installed the cable carrier within the agreed time of only ten days.

Changing the cable carrier on a port crane is always a challenge. And if this crane is located in Panama, the job becomes even more complex.
In this specific case, another problem for the KABELSCHLEPP Metool project team was the short time window that was available for removing the old cable carrier and installing the new one while the crane was shut down.

The team developed a flexible solution based on a heavy-duty cable carrier from the TKHD series. Roller supported chains prevent unwanted expansion on the extended travel lengths. Thanks to adapter consoles, it was possible to use the original hole distances for installing the new cable carrier system. Driver arms with floating moving devices compensate for unwanted movements of the cable carrier during operation to ensure optimum transfer of the cable.

“In close cooperation, we were able to develop a system that is now running as stable and constant as expected,” explains David Avice, Project Manager Crane Department at MIT. “We are very satisfied with the process and the result of this project.”