Senseye, the industrial software company specialising in predictive maintenance, today shared a new report from Verdantix, which highlighted the value of its AI-powered, predictive maintenance software, Senseye PdM.

 Verdantix is a leading independent research and consulting firm with a focus on innovative technologies that optimise business operations. In its report, Verdantix investigates how Senseye’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based predictive maintenance software, Senseye PdM, is used to prevent unplanned downtime and extend asset life. 

It also covers how Senseye’s solutions, that are built on condition monitoring techniques and powered by AI and machine learning, help industrial firms and equipment manufacturers deliver on their maintenance goals. 

The report recommends why firms with mature maintenance strategies, looking to reduce asset downtime and maintenance costs – while extending asset life, should consider adding Senseye PdM to their asset management technology stack. 

Senseye PdM belongs to the Predictive Analytics technology, which is one of the most significant digital innovations for companies across the world. Forty percent of 284 respondents to a 2019 Verdantix survey rated that type of digital technology as “very significant” to support corporate operational excellence initiatives.

Key Report Highlights

  • Senseye PdM is a plug-and-play solution that is platform-agnostic
  • It is designed to scale fast and cover very large volume of assets
  • Key insights lead to maintenance costs and unplanned downtime reduction.

For more information, Senseye is offering a free copy of the Verdantix report “Senseye proves the value of AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance“ here:

 Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye, comments: “We’re pleased that analysis from Verdantix supports the value delivered by our leading product, Senseye PdM, aiming at optimising maintenance strategies. The recommendation of our plug-and-play solution, as a means to operational excellence, emboldens us to keep helping industrial firms and equipment manufacturers deliver on their outcomes.”