WDS has made significant investments in its in-house manufacturing capabilities as part of its continuous programme of improvements designed to keep product flexibility high and lead times low. WDS already manufactures the majority of its standard parts and workholding components in the UK. The latest investment includes the installation of a new grinding machine at its ISO90001 certified facilities in Leeds.
Unlike many UK based component suppliers, WDS manufactures the majority of its products in-house, using its own production facilities. Not only does this allow WDS to directly control its stock levels for standard parts, it also means that it can offer bespoke design services with very short lead times and greater quality control. Thanks to a continuous programme of investment, WDS is able to increase its product range to satisfy market requirements and to provide customers with as broad a selection of products as possible.
Chris Putman, sales and marketing manager for WDS, commented: “We’re extremely proud of our manufacturing capabilities. In fact, we have recently been awarded the Made in Britain marque, which acknowledges our commitment to UK manufacturing. As part of our latest investment we have streamlined the production lines of some of our standard parts, while also installing a new grinding machine for our workholding range. By keeping all the work in-house we save on transport costs while also keeping a close eye on quality control; both of which translate to direct benefits for our customers.”
As part of WDS’s Bespoke Specials programme, it is able to work with end-users to design and manufacture components to specific requirements; whether this means customising standard products or designing solutions from the ground up. With ISO9001 machining and grinding facilities, WDS is able to manufacture work holding equipment with accuracy of up to 5µm to the meter. Thanks to fully calibrated testing equipment, these components can even be supplied with certificated conformity, guaranteeing that they precisely meet the signed off technical drawings.