Efficiency and automation are not only becoming increasingly important in panel building, but also in cable assembly as a whole. However, due to the high investment costs, fully automatic systems are only economically viable for mass production. Small and medium-sized panel building companies, which instead tend to offer services such as complex small series and one-off productions, primarily opt for semi-automatic solutions. However, with its complete range of automatic machines, Weidmüller aims to offers the ideal solution for their requirements with its new CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE and CRIMPFIX R VARIO. 

CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE: The CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE cutting machine with integrated USB interface and a comprehensive software package means that CAE data can be easily used within production. Existing data from the planning phase can therefore be quickly and reliably transferred for the production of the control cabinet, with the necessary software included with delivery. The interface of the innovative cutting machine means that CAE data such as the start and end-points and terminal names can be easily displayed on the screen of the machine. Data is transmitted in bundles, and processing is performed on a step-by-step basis. There is also the option of entering data for the cutting orders directly via the touch screen on the machine.

CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE is the perfect solution for the precise cutting of round cables with outside diameters of up to 8 mm and a wide range of different insulations. PVC and halogen-free cables can also be cut to length precisely and easily. The cutting range is extensive: stranded wires with cross-sections of 0.08 to 10 mm2 (IEC) and AWG 28 to 7 (UL) as well as solid wires of 0.08 to 2.5 mm2 (IEC) and AWG 28 to 14 (UL). Up to 2,000 different cutting orders can be stored, with a length pre-selection of 2 to 999,999 mm. The entirely electrically-operated CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE is sturdy and durable, with titanium-coated cutting blades and metal transport rollers. An integrated counter monitors the overall processing and keeps track of the service intervals. The CUTFIX 8 INTERFACE also has an emergency off switch. 

CRIMPFIX R VARIO: This electropneumatically powered automatic stripper and crimper is characterised by quick processing times and simple operation. It allows for reliable wire finishing with a cross-section range of 0.5–2.5 mm(IEC) and AWG 20–14 (UL) with an average cycle time of under 2 seconds. Thanks to the five-way magazine, all cross-sections can be processed without having to change the reel. This versatile all-rounder is therefore the ideal solution when working with frequently changing cross-sections as seen in panel building within small-series production.

Stripping and crimping are performed in a single step. The cross-section can be easily adjusted via the touch screen, eliminating the need for any lengthy setup times in the event of different cross-sections. The simple menu navigation also saves valuable working time, with the day, total and service counters also providing all the necessary operating data. The selection of the required wire-end ferrule is equally simple. The CRIMPFIX R VARIO processes wire-end-ferrule reel materials in 8 mm, 10 mm and special collar sizes, such as L2 = 8 mm for wires with thicker insulation. The crimp has a trapezoidal shape. When the cross-section is selected on the touch screen, this triggers the automatic filling of the crimping die with the corresponding wire-end ferrule. The machine parameters only need to be adjusted when switching the crimping length between 8 mm and 10 mm. The special collar size (8 mm or 10 mm) can be implemented by simply replacing the wire-end-ferrule reel. When changing the crimping length, the machine can be adjusted easily in just a few seconds. The reel holder is widened via screws at four positions within the machine, which are clearly marked as “A” and “B”. 

The CRIMPFIX R VARIO stands out with its sturdy metal components which ensure extremely high levels of repeat accuracy and maximum extraction values. The electropneumatic drive is suitable for a wide range of different insulation materials as well as for PVC and halogen-free wires. The main wear parts, the ferrule separating blade and the stripping blade, are available as spare parts and can be replaced by the customer. The machine also has a long service life through high-quality and wear-resistant components, so rarely needs to be brought to Weidmüller for reconditioning. An integrated service counter informs the operator that servicing is due after 400,000 cycles, and there is no forced shut-off, meaning that work with the machine can be continued although it is naturally recommended that service intervals be complied with to guarantee a long service life.


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