Dold are a leading European manufacturer of safety relays, configurable safety devices, trapped key interlock systems and wireless safety devices. We have a hard earned reputation for performance and reliability plus a wealth of experience in the field of machine safety.

The standard Safemaster “W” wireless safety system consists of a light weight compact transmitter unit which incorporates a PLe, SIL3 E-stop pushbutton and up to eight programmable semiconductor outputs and 3 redundant safety relay outputs on the receiver. Control is by four two stage pushbuttons and a green reset pushbutton with an option of replacing two pushbuttons with 3 way rotary switches. The receiver also allows the connection of two dual channel hard wired PLe safety devices such as E-stops, Light barriers or Safety gates.

Dold Safemaster W systems have been designed for users that require access into dangerous areas for setup and crucial maintenance work and need machine control functions and full PLe E-stop facilities.

System hand over from conventional to remote safety operation is enabled by coded key and a monitored charging unit, this can be augmented by an infrared target module to ensure handover and reset can only be achieved when the user is within a safe operating area, conventional auto or manual restart is also available. The receiver’s three redundant safety contact outputs can be extended by the addition of conventional safety relay extension modules.

The system has a range of up 600mtr and can be used as a stand alone wireless safety system or integrated with Dold’s switch programmable Safemaster “M” multifunction safety system, or input into the Dold configurable safety system Safemaster Pro.

Dold also produce a PLe, SIL3 enabling switch/dead mans handle version with 20 control functions. This compact hand held device has an easy to read configurable LCD display for control function indication and status. The receiver has the same safety relay outputs and hard wired options as the standard E-stop version and can cover even greater distances with an increased output power option.

If you require further details on the Dold Safemaster “W” wireless safety systems or a Dold safety product catalogue, please feel free to contact us. Please mention this article when replying.

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