Order today and elevate your systems to new heights

The Beijer Electronics X2 pro is the ultimate solution for enhanced control and operation of business-critical processes. This state-of-the-art HMI is in stock, ready to empower your business. With its advanced functionality and user-friendly design, the X2 pro provides a seamless experience, enabling you to efficiently manage and monitor your processes. Say goodbye to long lead times – order your Beijer Electronics X2 pro today and elevate your control systems to new heights.

Follow this link for further information – https://www.beijerelectronics.com/en/Products/Operator___panels

iX HMI Software

Another reason to love our hardware

iX empowers you with modern tools to communicate. The software combines top-class graphics and smarter functions that provide intuitive operation on the spot. Not to mention the almost limitless connectivity to your other equipment through the extensive list of drivers.


Check out the Basic Functionality here – https://www.beijerelectronics.com/en/Products/software/ix-hmi-software/complete-hmi-functionality

And the Advanced Functionality here – https://www.beijerelectronics.com/en/Products/software/ix-hmi-software/for-advanced-users

Audit Trail , C# Scripting and OPC UA are some key features for you :-

  • Audit Trial enables you to track changes made by a user to time event allowing you to monitor any changes in a process – which effectively gives you a better understanding of the activity on a machine or system.
  • C# Scripting enables you customise the functionality of your HMI or part of the application – giving you a very open and flexible system – develop for your own brand !
  • OPC UA enables HMI panels can be server or clients, therefore they can communicate via panel networks or between factory floor and business system, which gives a new openness to communication between devices

Download your 30 day trial here – https://smartstore.beijerelectronics.com/en/Software/Software___products/15062/

Download to X2 Brochure – https://www.beijerelectronics.com/-/media/beijerelectronics,-d-,com/Files/Brochures/BREN631___-___X2___brochure.ashx?la=en&hash=7FBFBB47DBA5A74CD0F66652C38B6CA992279B3B