634AI, the developers of MAESTRO, an AI-enabled control tower for streamlining the management of industrial indoor mobility, are working with InOrbit, a cloud-based management platform for robot operations at scale to enable a deeper understanding of the flows on industrial and warehouse floors, to support the easy integration of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) on work floors and optimise their activity.

InOrbit’s agnostic approach to the management of heterogeneous fleets of autonomous mobile robots resonates well with our MAESTRO’s ‘safer, smarter’ philosophy of indoor mobility orchestration. We found InOrbit team’s vision of solving real human problems identical to ours, as both companies’ motivation is to develop cutting edge solutions that will ultimately enable humans to undertake more humane jobs,” said Onn Fenig, CEO of 634AI.

MAESTRO is an AI powered centralised Control Tower that enables effective and harmonized indoor operations, from tracking of raw material movements and real time safety alerts for man driven vehicles, to navigation and fleet management of AMRs. With MAESTRO, customers can gain a real time panoptic view of their industrial floor to better understand the activity and coordinate the operations effectively and safely.

InOrbit provides a cloud-based platform for robot operations (RobOps), allowing companies to improve the efficiency of their fleet while focusing on their unique differentiators. The platform provides secure robot connectivity, data observability, low latency messaging to trigger actions, and data analytics for continuous robotics improvement.

The partnership is the debut of 634AI’s cutting-edge technology to the U.S. market. 634AI will provide InOrbit with an additional layer of data to improve their offering to customers by enabling better management of robotic fleets with a greater awareness and understanding of their environment.

634AI will also use its partnership with InOrbit to access raw data on AMRs in its fleets, such as vehicle type and battery charge level. This collaboration supports the company’s vision of providing an AMR and space agnostic system for the holistic management of work floors.