As experts in the industry, the specialist team at PB Metal Finishing Systems have put together a handy guide, offering a detailed introduction into efficient spray save systems, their advantages and how they can work for you and your business:

Typically, finishing plants across the UK will utilise power stoves and pre-treat ovens that are powered by gas, systems that use a significant amount of energy, therefore bumping up the cost of the overall process.

To combat this problem, the most effective, energy saving solution is to use a heat exchanger system that makes use of the unused space within the oven. The spray save system heat exchanger allows heat from the pre-treatment tank to be pumped through, recycled and reused for the heating process.

How it Works:

Consisting of a close coupled pumping mechanism, the spray save system is entirely valved and comes complete with its own set of controls; however it’s also interlocked with the main oven for the firing process.

Specifically designed to act as a continuous system of intake and return, the spray save system takes the solution from a low level of the pre-treatment tank, allowing the solution to be circulated throughout the tank, particularly in the coldest areas. Next the solution is passed through a stainless steel heat exchanger and then returned to the process tank, and the continuous process begins again.

How it Differs from a Conventional System:

Typically, with a normal system, the burners will be switched on to heat the tank, at this point the ovens are also turned on in preparation. However, with the efficient spray save system, as the contents of the tank is passed through the heat exchanger, heat is transferred and within a short period of time the system accumulates enough heat to solely take over the heating process.

Key Advantages of a Spray Save System:

The biggest benefit of an efficient spray save system is the energy saving properties it provides, on average it reduces a normal run rate of six and a half hours to a mere one and a half hours. This significantly lowers the consumption of gas which can make a huge difference to your energy bills as well as the overall overheads within your business, allowing for a larger return on investment.

A conventional system will have a typical gas usage of around 65%, however utilising an efficient spray system can reduce usage to as little as 6%, providing an impressive 90% saving in the cost of gas.

Spray save systems can be specifically built to work around your current machines, as they’re tailored to meet the individual needs of your business, the energy saving properties can be utilised to meet their maximum possible potential.

In contrast to other energy saving methods such as solar panels where it can take years to see a financial difference, return on investment can be seen almost immediately – once your spray save system is up and running you can begin to witness effective ROI within just 54 days, dependent on the total number of hours that your machine runs for.